After over 22 years in the British Army, I was medically discharged due to a severe injury that has left me paralysed. After a period of being angry, depressed and desolate, I decided that I needed an outlet, something constructive to be doing with my time. I decided to try writing. Try being the operative word here! Apart from being over 40, when I could stand I was over 6ft 5ins and very fit. Now I am shorter, fatter and greyer. It all adds to my unique character! I try and find humour in most things and I have a very dark sense of humour to boot! Sarcastic until the end, I do have a serious side although I am very shy about showing it. I am very single minded and when I want to do something, I do and be damned with the consequences. It has gotten me in trouble before and, no doubt, will get me in trouble again. I have a very strange sense of right and wrong and have been criticized for being too honest. How's that for weird! I am writing for fun. I have no idea if people are interested in what I write, but don't really care about that. I use this as a means to keep my mind occupied and I enjoy it more than I would have thought. If you are reading this and my various ramblings then, thank you for your time. If I upset anyone, it is totally unintentional and remember, it's only my point of view.

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