Wind of Change

I know.  It’s been nearly a year since I wrote on my blog, contrary to what I said the last time.  It’s not my fault, I get sidetracked with life and things just seem to happen.  I then forget all about writing a blog and just enjoy the moments.

But it has been interesting.  Although 2008 is almost at a close, I wonder what else it can throw.  Certainly, things happened this year I didn’t see coming. 

The beginning started well, I got to travel to strange new places and meet interesting new people.  And for a change, these people weren’t trying to kill me.  That hasn’t happened for a while now!  I even managed to get back to the USA and fall in love with a house (if such a thing should be even possible, I don’t want to think of the legal ramifications!).  Now, I just have to hope that the pound gets stronger against the dollar or I will never be able to afford it.  So, a lot of good things.

A couple of not so good things too.  Major surgery and now unable to feel parts of my body I really did enjoy feeling.  Being unable to really look after myself is the biggest blow, considering how independent I have been all my life.

But life throws these things at you like a little test.  We always enjoy the good, but we tend to dwell on the bad.  Like we aren’t happy unless we are unhappy.  Well, not this callsign.  I may be a semi-cripple but I refuse to be miserable because of it.  There is too much to do, still, and I plan on enjoying it!!


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