Getting Older

As I recently said to a friend, 1968 was a good year for grapes; there were a lot of them that year, as with most years.  Mind you, there was a lot of grass too, but not many people tend to notice that sort of thing.

It wasn’t a great year for submarines, though.  Both the Americans and Israelis lost one each at sea.  Always wondered about submarines, something weird about the people that ‘sail’ them?  Is that even the right terminology?  Anyway, being submerged in a giant cigar has never flicked my switch.  I couldn’t stand the thought of all that water outside, just waiting…

So, do I look older?  Definitely not… well, ok, maybe a little older, but not much.  I’ve always looked ‘older’, ever since I was about 15.  The upside was I could get into pubs and order alcohol.  The downside is now – people think I am a lot older than I really am.

But people say with age comes wisdom.  Still wondering about that one.  Does it just appear and you become instantly wise?  Or do you have to send off for it once you reach a certain age?  Is there a form I need to fill somewhere?  Anyone?

But there are advantages to being a little older.  In the last couple of years I have had more offers from the ladies.  Now that’s a good thing (for me, anyway).  People take you a little more seriously.  Its true!  You get older, people think you know what you are on about!  I know!  What a load of crap!

1968 was a good year (apparently) for wine.  It was a good year for me too, but apart from that, it was just another year.  40 years later, 2008 is a good year too.  Any year is a good one as long as you get to have a little fun.


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