Another Day in Paradise

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but England, in February, is dreary.  In fact, horrible would be a better word to use!

You wake up in the morning (well, most of us do) and look out of the window to see…..

… well, not much actually.  It’s dark, it’s overcast, it’s raining and it’s cold.

England has a reputation for being cold and wet.  Ask anyone from the US or anywhere else outside of Europe and they’ll all say the same thing.  It’s not exactly fair or true.

Considering how far north we are, our weather is pretty mild.  The question is, which would you prefer.  A cold, white, snow-covered landscape or the grey misery that is February?  I definitely prefer the grey!  I hate snow, I hate snow on the roads and I hate snow!  Ok, I’ve said that twice, but it was just for emphasis.  Snow may look pretty, it makes everything look clean and pristine but it’s nothing more than frozen water and frozen water that makes life difficult.  Imagine slippery roads, burst water pipes, no electricity because the snow and ice have torn down a pylon.  Get the picture?

So, all in all, a bit of a miserable post, you may be thinking.  Well, you are right to a degree.

It’s not all doom and gloom.  The weather here is getting warmer.  Ok, it grey and wet out there, but it’s the transition from winter to spring.  The birds are chirping (probably complaining because they are wet!) and the trees are beginning to show signs of life.  The sun pops out, every now and then, just to remind us that it’s still there and will be making more appearances soon.  Come spring, England will be warm again.  Sure, there is a misconception that it’s always wet here, but we have had some brilliant weather during the spring, with hot spells that beat the Mediterranean countries!  Soon, the trees will be in blossom, the air will have the sweet scent of the numerous flowers (people with hayfever will start to complain!) and the fields will shine a brilliant green as the crops begin to grow.

England in the summer can be a beautiful place.  The rolling landscape, the forests and fields and the wide variety of wildlife that comes out to play.  Visitors come here and are surprised by the beauty of it all and go away with fond memories.

Ok, it may not be the Caribbean or the Maldives.  There is no pristine, azure sea where you can see through clearly to the coral beds beneath, but you don’t come to England to see that.  You come to this little island for many different reasons.

Today it’s grey and miserable.  Tomorrow may be the same, who knows?  All I know is that the seasons will change and with it, the weather.  Soon, this little island will be a different kind of paradise and I will wake up, each day and it will be ‘Another day in paradise’!

And if you believe all that, you’re madder than a sack full of squirrels!!!!


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