Designer Clothing

During the course of our evolution and civilization, we have gone through numerous types of dress.  From togas and gowns, to the mid sixteenth century ruff, worn by both men and women, clothing has always changed with the times.  No matter the age and no matter what the era, there has always been a class difference; those that have and those that have not.  Unsurprisingly, this has also applied to clothes and probably handbags, the rich had the silks and velvets, the poor had the hemp and hessian.

Over time, this has not changed, but there is a grey area now, between the classes.  The emergence of the ‘designer label’ has allowed the plebeians to dress like the well to do.  Everyone is familiar with such names like Armani, Ralf Lauren, Versace, Hugo Boss to name but a few.  Millions of pounds are spent on items of clothing, fragrances and eyewear designed by these companies.  Now, the common people can feel like they are just as good as those with the real money.

The good thing is that anyone who has a design can break into this lucrative market.  We’ve all heard of the main designer products, Armani and the like, but the demand has taken off so much there are brands like Diesel and Bench!  Ok, Diesel I can appreciate, but when my mate’s daughter asked for a Bench for her birthday, he popped straight down to B&Q and got a great deal on a nice garden bench.  Needless to say, his daughter was not overly impressed.  It did however prove a point I had been trying to make for years – my mate is a complete moron!

As a result of this outbreak of designer mania, designer outlets are popping up everywhere.  These are basically shopping centres for the discerning customer where they can pick up great deals on designer clothing.  Or so the plebeians think.  Reality is, the companies behind these brands have realised that they have tapped into a gold mine that no recession can dampen, so they are selling their tat at ‘discount’ prices.  The masses love them and you can then see them preening on a Saturday night, trying to impress the opposite sex with their slick designer wardrobe.

Those poor, misguided idiots.

Do you really think that the well-to-do are going to rush down to the Bicester outlet village to buy the latest additions to their wardrobes?  Has anyone seen a celebrity in Milton Keynes stocking up for the forthcoming Royal function?  No, I didn’t think so.  And the reason why?  Well, its fairly obvious, the well-to-do don’t wear the crap they sell for extortionate prices at these outlet centres.

These guys spend thousands on a single pair of jeans or a jacket.  It may have the same label, such as Versace, but its in a totally different league.  This is the proper stuff.  These are the items that the designers have sweated over and racked their brains over and then are so exclusive that they make one item and sell it for a fortune.  They don’t, for some strange reason, produce them in the nearest sweat shop and then ship them out to Bicester!

And while we are talking about the quality of these ‘designer labels’, it’s a sad fact that they are put together by the cheapest sweat-shop they could find, so don’t expect them to last long.  The chances are that the jeans sold in Asda under the George label are more exclusive and better built than the Armani jeans you bought in Bicester!  And around £100 cheaper!

My fellow Britons (I always wanted to say that!), I have the great privilege in informing you that you have all been conned and you are wasting your money.  If you want to buy jeans, buy a decent pair of Levis.  Ok, they do cost a few quid more than those from Asda, but they will last a lifetime.  There are so many people wearing ‘designer’ clothes out there that if you bought a complete outfit from Tesco you would probably be more exclusive than your friends!

Don’t bother trying to compete with those that ‘have’, unless you ‘have’ too.  You will only be wasting your money and become one of the many instead of one of the exclusive few.  On our salaries, it’s never going to happen.  I know that I am wasting my wisdom, people are going to be lured by the latest mini shirt by Ralf Versace for £300.99, but at least, when you spend your money, you know that you are still a ‘have not’ – just a ‘have not’ with a lot less!


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