Today, 18 March 2011, the BBC broadcasted their annual Comic Relief event. Comic Relief is where numerous British celebrities and even some international celebrities ‘do something funny for money’. Basically it’s fund-raising for those in need. Not only is the money distributed to charities and programmes in the UK but also gives help to those in need in Africa. As I sit here and watch it, they have already raised over £30,000,000.00!

Now, lets put this into context.

For those of you not aware, Britain is in a recession and it is a period of austerity for a lot of people. Our income tax has been raised, cuts have been made in government spending and thousands of people are being made unemployed. It paints a bleak picture. It is bleak and people are having a hard time.

Yet, even in the face of these dark days, people are still donating to Comic Relief. Even I, the original scrooge, have donated some money and I am soon to be homeless and jobless. People are giving what they can and celebrities are doing whatever they can to help, as well.

There is an expression that charity begins at home. Comic relief proves that this is no longer the case. Comic relief cash is working in over 66 countries around the world! As I mentioned earlier, there is money that is being kept in the UK to help those British in need. Even in a first world country there is poverty, child abuse, forced prostitution and children having to look after their sick parents, denying them a childhood. There are so many needy causes and Comic Relief is one of the key events in the year that help raise money for these causes.

What amazes me is that British are considered stoic and uncaring. What I have been watching tonight dispels that myth. People and companies are giving so much and asking for nothing in return. I am surprised, maybe I shouldn’t be and shows that I am not the giving type. I feel humbled by my fellow countrymen as their generosity appears unlimited.

This is just a short piece. I wanted to share this with everyone who knows nothing about this. If you feel like giving, you can always donate through the link. So many companies are helping including Paypal and iTunes.

To those who have given, I take my hat of to you and you have managed to humble me enough to give. I hope that many more feel humbled and give whatever they can.

Thank you.


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