Prolific Prose

It is a constant surprise to me how some people manage to post an article every day.  I struggle to construct a coherent paragraph during the day and yet these people just write on as if it was as natural as breathing.  How on earth do they do it?

I have been busy reading through the articles of people I have subscribed to and I am barely able to keep up!  Some are humorous, some are serious and some have religious undertones.  All of them are interesting in their own way and sometimes I even have time to write a comment (although I struggle with throwing some words together just for a comment!!).  Each and every article has been crafted by its author and I am beginning to think that they must be cheating!  There is a secret, mystical book which they all share that is full of interesting and humorous articles which they can copy onto their own respective blogs!  There must be!!  I’m convinced of it (although, with my drugs, you could easily convince me that dragons exist and that Elvis isn’t dead and is doing a concert with Michael Jackson!).

What is worse is that they have crafted their unique articles and all I have to offer is an article complaining about how they can manage to maintain their prolific writing!  Ok, I may throw in a joke here and there, but basically all I am doing is complaining about the fact that I can’t keep up with my peers.  It’s so depressing I think I’ll go curl up in a corner and cry for a bit.

At least I posted something today!


4 thoughts on “Prolific Prose

  1. HAHaha.. when i first subscribed to twitter / blogs etc, I took was startled, humbled, rather shocked that there were so many articulate, intelligent people out there. It made me feel totally inadequate, I, who had always considered myself one of the “natural” writers, was for a period of months, quiet stumped and ashamed at my level of inproficient humour, insight etc, compared to theirs… SO … unbeknown to you, your “moan” post today is actually rather brilliant and inspirational in it’s own way to many of us!!!! (I have only JUST – a week ago, started my own blog at ) check it out, IF you like 🙂

    • I would call it ‘writer’s block’ but that would be promoting myself to a level that has yet to be attained. I’ll side with you on this one and agree that my own opinion of my writing skills was overinflated and that I cannot compete with the skill of some of my peers. I hope that you fare much better than me and I will be following your prose with interest. Get writing!

  2. I know exactly how you feel! Sometimes I am completely dumbfounded and wonder too, how on earth are these bloggers coming up with such brilliance?! I think you figured it out, there must be a secret book 😉 You know what I have even more trouble with than actually writing? Coming up with a title…let’s not even go there!

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