Dry Your Eyes

weeping-eyes‘Dry your eyes, Princess’.

That was a comment left by a former colleague from my time in the army after I posted an unguarded comment on Facebook.  I was under the influence of my medication and wrote something about the irony of the fact that the drugs I was taking to cope with my pain were slowly killing me.  Was it a cruel comment?  Was it deserved or was it just his ignorance?

The rest of the post is on my WordPress site which can be accessed here with your WordPress login and password – or as a guest.  I hope you visit.


2 thoughts on “Dry Your Eyes

  1. Unable to leave a comment on your other site even after logging in. So I’ll leave it here.

    Absolutely. I think his comment was cruel. At the very least, it was unnecessary, especially since he has known you for many years. You have enough negative stuff to deal with in your life, you don’t need negative friends as well. Surround yourself with people who support you in a positive way. Surround yourself with love. Stay strong my friend and it’s okay to cry. Society views disability as a weakness, yet it takes the utmost of strength from those who are living with it. You’re stronger than you believe.

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