Creative Writing

creative writingI’ve written about writing before, both physical penmanship and mechanical; be it electronic or otherwise.  It’s something that fascinates me, the way people can wrap words together to create inspiring pieces of work, be it fact or fiction.  Writing some words and creating an understandable sentence is one thing but creative writing is something altogether different.

I have written a few articles in my time and even written a couple of short stories.  I really want to write a tall story (the opposite of short!) and although I’ve made a few starts, I’ve inevitably sputtered and flamed out before I even got going.  Short stories are a little easier for me as my ‘creative’ ability seems to come all at once then peter away.  It’s like having sex, a lot of anticipation, frantic, uncoordinated action and then nothing.  Or is that just me?

Perhaps I should think of a new metaphor?

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