Writing Tips and Advice

Conceit is a terrible thing.

Although I have qualifications in English Language and Literature, I have, over the last twenty odd years, only written reports, reviews and other technical papers. Each of these had to be in the format required by whatever boss I had at the time. The details were mine. That made writing simple. I had the knowledge and they knew how they wanted that information presented.

That’s not really writing.

Since starting this blog (and trying to write a book), I have discovered that the words don’t come so easily. Sometimes I know what I want to say but find it difficult to write it down exactly how I want it to be understood. The skill with this type of writing is the way you use the words, they way you structure your sentences and paragraphs. It may sound simple but the complete opposite is true.

I have written an article on this and I think I clearly expressed how hard this is for me. I could just pack it in or accept that I will remain an anonymous member of the blogging world, but I don’t want to. I would genuinely like to be able to make people think, laugh or whatever when they read my posts and think about it afterwards. I guess, like a million people out there, I would like to be noticed and appreciated.

So, why is it so important?

Well, as all of you know, blogging won’t win me any prizes or make me a millionaire. For me, it’s something that I just want to do and I have always been a perfectionist. Even at work, if I wasn’t sure about something, I would ask. I always told my subordinates that there is no such thing as a dumb question. It’s very easy to be superior if you know something, but you had to learn it somewhere. I was of the belief that we never stop learning and if you stop asking questions and getting advice then you just stagnate.

That is the point of this page. I know I am learning but don’t know what mistakes I am making or how I am making them. It’s always nice to receive a comment on a post agreeing or disagreeing with what I wrote, but (as yet) no one had told me that the post could have been better if I had done this or that my meaning was lost because my grammar let me down.

With that in mind, I would like to invite all of you to offer pointers, criticism or constructive advice on how I can improve. Arguing about the content isn’t constructive advice as that is just a differing of opinion. I would like to avoid that, if at all possible.

That’s all really. I hope that those of you who read this will help me along this new road. I would love to be able to write creatively rather than the way I had to when I was working. This is something I am passionate about and hope that you are too.

Thank you.


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