No excuse for Ignorance!


I have just read a load of messages, requests, replies and Lord knows what else that people have been sending me – some are dated and some are quite recent.  And I never replied to a single one.

Let me say, here and now, sorry to everyone.

I don’t have an excuse.  I just haven’t logged on in a long time and if you read my last two previous entries, those of you that know me, will realise I have had a bit of a naff time.

That’s not an excuse, but an, erm, excuse?  No, more like an update to my personal situation – much better!

I promise I will make an effort to respond to all – and Kitty, tried replying but you have obviously given up on me!  Cant blame you, I would too :p

Ok, enough of this.  I will go away and try and think of something suitably amusing.