Born in 1968 (a bad year for submarines) in a small hospital in Woking, Surrey.  First son of a soldier and the original Victorian father.  Spent the majority of my childhood moving from post to post and school to school.  Considering the number of different people I met as my father dragged us along on his postings, I was a timid and shy child.  That didn’t last into my teens.

Like most teenagers I thought I knew better than my parents and became rebellious.  I also grew out of my shyness and this was replaced by disobedience.  I was constantly in trouble with someone and was arrested several times for violence.  By contrast, I was doing well at school and passed a fair number of ‘O’ levels.  One of them was in English literature although it’s hard to believe after reading my random words.  I live in the hope that if I throw a load of words together, eventually some of them will make sense!

I joined the Army because the Air Force told me I was too tall to be a fighter pilot.  It was the best thing I did as had I not done so I would have probably ended up in jail.  I didn’t choose the Corps that I served in but I enjoyed most of my 23 years service.  I have been deployed on numerous operations and have seen the two extremes of human nature.  Wisdom comes with age and experience – I’m still waiting for mine!

Today, I try my hand at writing when I am able.  I aspire to be an author but have other important things to overcome first.  Until my first international bestseller, I’ll throw random thoughts at this blog and see what happens.


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